January 28, 2007

Well, They DO Stink... Biohazard Waste Disposal Can On eBay


For the edgier, industrial-finish nursery, what better diaper pail could there be than an authentic biohazard disposal bin? And shouldn't it come from an authentic family practice exam room, where it was used "mostly for gloves and tongue dipressors [sp]"?

Judging by the size of the foot pedal, these two white, powder-coated steel models--complete with giant red BIOHAZARD stickers on the lids--are a little bigger than a standard tall kitchen garbage can [the kid that take a 13-gallon bag].

But you've still got a couple of days to ask Jadensraddad [hey!] for detailed dimensions. And to wonder what "mostly" means.

Medical Waste Biohazard Waste Can In Good Condition, two available, currently $6+16s/h, ends Jan. 30 [ebay via mark from sparkability]
The Silent Defender [!] from United Receptacle comes in white, brushed steel, or red, from $110 at Trashcans and More [trashcansandmore.com]
But now I want the round one... [unitedrecept.com]
Previously: Blickman - that stainless steel & plexiglass bassinet from the hospital


I probably shouldn't admit this, but a round version of this can - minus the biohazard stickers - is exactly what we use for a diaper pail in our sons room. We did not, however, buy it on eBay. We bought it for about $60 from a local medical supply house. (I don't think anyone would say that his room is "idustrial design", btw, since we live in a ramshackle victorian house) It works to keep smell in way better than most of the diaper genies I've seen.

[no, you should admit this, thnx -ed.]

The round cans are sweet - and would definitely blend more in a residential setting - but you can't get them with the "Silent Defender" mechanism. I'm thinking that would be nice for late-night changes when you have a steel diaper pail?

[a good point. I was reading the "positive leverage foot pedal and self-closing" lid as a quiet, piston-style deal, but you're right, it's no "Silent Defender." -ed.]

Hey, dadgramataphobe here. Use (sp)when you don't know how to spell a word and use (sic) when you are posting someone else's misspelled word.

I can't see how you WON'T be offended by this. Sorry.

I can't help it. But I really do like your site and articles!

[it's the editor in me. -ed.]

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