January 26, 2007

Now Soon You Can Put Toddlers Into Orbit


Word on the net is, the Orbit Toddler Seat attachments are finally out. After a hairy tense-plus, stroller dealers can once again walk across their parking lots at night without fear of being hounded by Orbit early adopters whose kids were starting to dangle out of their infant carriers.

Word on the street, though, seems to differ a bit. I called half a dozen Orbit retailers, and looked online at some biggies, and they're not mentioned yet. BabyGeared still lists it as "mid-December," but you can't order it yet. One store did mention a shipment that came and went quickly, [did you score one? How'd you do it? How is it?] but the next batch isn't due for another couple of weeks. sources say.

Those Orbit dealers may have to keep sneaking out the back for a little longer.

Orbit Baby Toddler Stroller Seat [orbitbaby.com]

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