January 26, 2007

Ford: Employee Child-Care Centers Definitely Not Job One

Just luxuriate in this description of Ford Motor Company's day care and pre-school centers from Working Mother's 100 Best Companies list:

CHILD-CARE KUDOS An impressive 17 full-year on- or near-site child-care centers give moms something to cheer about, with ten accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Parents pay an average of $150 a week per child for the service. Ford also offers generous care subsidies: $85 per child per day to parents who use a babysitter at home and $119 per child per day for backup care. Eight child-development centers offer low child-to-teacher ratios, spacious environments, art studios, covered porches, playgrounds, gardens and birdhouses.
Sound good? Because they're available.

After reporting a $12.7 billion loss for 2006, Ford and the UAW just announced that seven of the centers, which serve about 900 kids, will be closed by June. That'll still leave Ford with four more on-site daycare centers than GE, which is also on the list. Meanwhile, employees at the affected locations are left with nothing but $2,300/kid to spend on childcare each month. Also, the S-Max still isn't available in the US.

Ford closing child-care centers [freep.com via dt reader sara]
100 Best Companies [workingmother.com]

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