January 26, 2007

Daddy Types Thanks Advertisers, Ad-viewing Cynics For Their Support

A brisk shoutout to the advertisers who provide information on products, services, programs, and information that is of use or interest to dads, new dads, dads-to-be, and their entourage:

  • Javis Davis, who are purveying their custom crib bedding from a newly redesigned website.
  • Author Craig Michaels, who, contrary to appearances, is not the only man on Oxygen. In fact, there's a whole show of them.
  • Monte Design, creators of the Glider That Done Canada Proud.
  • Vincent, awesome Swedish shoes, now available for America's little feet.

    Adds DT reader Pffft in a comment below,

    am i being cynical, or are most baby blogs just out there to make a buck advertising the latest stroller, hipster baby t-shirts or flushable diapers?

    let's see- right now i see ads for baby bunting, baby swings, new panton child's chair, custom bedding for babies, the ultimate glider chair, some toy, baby shoes, and a book.

    It's definitely not the only--or even the main--reason, Pffft, but I will point out that Ivy League educations don't grow on trees now, and I'm guessing they won't be in 2026, either.

    If you're considering advertising on Daddy Types, you'll be interested to know that even the cynics check out the ads.

  • 1 Comment

    indeed they do. and now i'm thinking bout buying some Vincent shoes for the little terror and a monte glider chair for the wife.

    damn you.

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