January 25, 2007

"Oh, The Beemanity!"


Dear Daddy Types,

I'm a dad in Florida. Over Christmas, a swarm of bees flew out of my neighbor's wall and engulfed by children's swingset. I tried throwing the 40 lb trailer hitch from our Dodge Caravan at them, but they came right back.

Do you know a surefire way for getting rid of 10,000 bees? Oh, and it can't require any trips or cost any money.

A. Waitaminnit, where'd you get that t-shir-- whew, never mind.


Damn, I am proud to be a redneck right now (and more specifically, a FL redneck - aka a Cracker). We are some resourceful folk, lemme tell you.

the bees are following their queen, who has obviously chosen your swingset as her new throne. where the queen goes, the drones will surely follow, so hire yourself a professional who deals exclusively in bees to safely move her to another location, far from your swingset. no need to kill them or anything brutish like that.

Might we add that honeybees are endangered and are a protected insect. Their populations are rapidly declining and especially in agricultural states like FL are an essential part of your economy.
Any beekeeper would be happy to come out and round them up for you and most likely would not have charged as they would merely have added to their aviary.

aviary for birds, apiary for bees

Well, maybe the beekeepers were trying to get rid of the birds in their aviary by having the bees sting them to death...?

Apiary indeed. Can't believe I didn't catch that before it went out.
Very avid gardener here who really appreciates the bees and notes the recent lack of.

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