January 25, 2007

Canadian Critic Harshes On Hipster Parent Buzz

CBC arts critic stopped watching Much Music long enough to dump a Diaper Genie II full of hate on "hipster parents," which this week means Neal Pollack's Alternadad and Nerve.com's new parenting website, Babble.

On several occasions, Pollack rhapsodizes about his rock band (the Neal Pollack Invasion) and his reluctance to give up pot. “We would not succumb to the cult of child-rearing,” Pollack emphasizes. “Our kid was not going to be our excuse to retreat from the wider world.”
[Now unless I've misinterpreted everything from Spicoli to Lebowski to Clerks, Mister Canadian Culture Critic, I thought weed was the vehicle of choice for retreating from the wider world, not kids. But then, I still call a Davenport a sofa, and everything I know about parenting in an "era of unfettered narcissism," I learned from baby boomers.]

While he laments the stoic silence of parents of yore and decries the "bloviating blogs," Mayer saves his big guns for Babble, which he sees as a pool of self-absorbed childhaters who "simply gripe about not getting the kind of kid they wanted."

Meanwhile, to close the loop on this circular firing squad, Lisa Carver's own rant againt Alternadad is on Babble's front page. [In other, thoroughly unrelated self-promotional news, my travel journal about our toddlery trip to Japan, Hong Kong, and France is on Babble, too.]

Birth of The Cool: Alternadad and the rise of Hipster Parenting [cbc.ca via dt reader cam]


Man, am I the only one who DOESN'T write for Babble?!

I must not be hipster enough.

[dude, even the anti-hipster Canadian guy gets invited to parties, though he does go with milk drool on his shirt. -ed.]

I don't write for Babble.

Is that the same Lisa "Suckdog" Carver who used to do Rollerderby zine? God, we are all getting old.

[yeah, she mentioned that. the getting old, I mean. Not the Suckdog. -ed.]

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