January 24, 2007

What, No Angel? Observer Observes New Baby Naming Trend

New Yorkers are giving their babies foreign, literary, or "'unusual'" names like never before, reports Daisy Carrington [umm...] in the NY Observer. But watch out, even seemingly simple, two-syllable names can be hard for kids to pronounce, causing lifelong self-esteem issues, says Cookie editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman [...]

You should read the whole article, of course [best quote is from Collegiate elementary teacher Lydon Vonnegut (uhh...): "They’re all so unique.”], but if you're just looking for brooklynbabynameporn, here's all the names, in order of appearance:

Milo Shiloh Thijs Daisy Carrington Perch Cafe Park Slope Roxanne Jacobson Geir Katie MacDonald Mitra Sirus ["pronounced Zi-roos", sometimes mistaken for...] Cyrus Sonia Murrow Talia Sophia Zosia Zeus Jack Aoife Horace Mann Grace Matt Lauer Annette Roque Matthew Dutch Erica Lumiere Oliver Francesca Atlas Raphael Lachlan Liv [a boy] Robert Gladding Aimee ["pronounced ah-may, not ay-may"] Oona ["we almost spelled it Una..."] Googling Narissa Amira Mayher Manelna Laura Wattenberg Bookcase ['for a girl'] Cerie Oomph [a DT advertiser!] Brandy Keenan Lennon, Weinberg Chelsea Eowyn ["pronounced ay-oh-winn,' after a character in LOTR*] Phineas John Knowles Edwin [common misreading of Eowyn] Michele Barber Oxford Langston Toussaint Langston Hughes Toussaint L'Ouverture Lydon Vonnegut Carroll Gardens Bungee Baby Sarah Segal Isabel Madison ["spelled with a 'y'"} Lauren McBride Alexander Pilar Guzman Conde Nast Jenny
Baby Names Get Weird: Milo, Shiloh...Thijs? [observer.com]

* bonus trivia: Eowyn was played by Miranda Otto, who was named after a character in "The Tempest")

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I like Milo a lot, I have to say.

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