January 24, 2007

Pacifier Of The Vanities, Ch. 27: On Being Driven To Preschool

Time was, it was so embarassing to be dropped off at school in a limousine, that kids would ask the driver to let them off around the corner. Obviously, that doesn't work with pre-schools, where a 3-year-old has to be taken out of the car seat curbside and escorted into the building by a waiting school staffer.

The result: an entire generation of children who don't realize how tacky it is to be seen being driven to school. Unconscionable.

Never mind that they're riding in pimped out black Denalis and Escalades [Hey! Just like the Consul Generalissimo from El Salvador I just walked by! Classy!] and not Town Cars or--but only if you have two car seats--S-Classes.

And on the Upper East Side, no less.

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What's up with that? It doesn't seem to be a NY thing, as I've observed similar behavior in Chicago, Portland, and Seattle. I remember being six years old, grabbing my Scooby Doo lunchbox, and walking the 3/4 mile to school, unsupervised. That was Portland, and the mid-1970s, but is the world really all that different now?

I picked up my four year old cousin from preschool today and experienced the bizarre single file car pick-up procedure. In Wichita, Kansas. I waited in a car queue wondering why we couldn't just park and go inside to fetch the kids. Can't they walk a couple of yards in the open air??? Is it because the parents, kids or staff are lazy?

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