January 23, 2007

Overinflated Designer Makes Inflatable Plane For Habitat VIP For Kids


Before you say it, I will: Yes, I am slightly jealous of the Miura, but no more so than any other Miura before it.

But ever since the Paramount opened with his silly, useless blobject lounge chair in the lobby, Marc Newson has bugged me. Now that his promotional machine has reached Karim Rashidian levels of obsequiousness in advance of his opening at Gagosian this weekend, I feel like calling the entire design media into my office and working them over with a Carrara marble rolling pin [Newsom4Target, $299!]

Which is really too bad, because some of the Gagosian stuff doesn't look half bad. And this blow-up version of the spaceplane concept he designed for the Fondation Cartier is alright, too.

It wasn't Newson fatigue that kept me from posting the plane before, at least not mine. Marie Claire Maison had excluded it from their otherwise comprehensive coverage of Habitat's VIP for Kids series. MCM's editorial staff may be spared the wrath of my rolling pin.

Marc Newson Designs Toy For Habitat [dezeen.com]
Previously: Habitat VIP for Kids by kinda random VIPs

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