January 23, 2007

Gawker T-Shirt: 'I Hate Your Kids'


What more can you say? It's brilliant. If only they came in kid sizes...

I Hate Your Kids T-shirt, $18.99
[gawker shop]


This will be great for that Bee-yotch of a boss my wife has

I can't wait until nick denton knocks up some drunk floozy who'll spend the abortion money he gives her on manolo blahniks.

[yeah, you may have to wait for that one. If Denton and his boyfriend were ever to adopt, I have a feeling he'd be the kind of parent to still wear the shirt. -ed.]

eh, shows how much I care about him and his particular brand of idiocy. He was a client of my former firm, too.

[no sweat, you can hang out in front of SoHo House with me. -ed.]

Hi there, my name is Elizabeth and I work with the Thymes. I am posting a comment because we're really excited about a new bath & body line that we're launching called the Sweetleaf Baby Collection. I would love to get the word out because it's an amazing product that all moms should know about.

Sweet and gentle, the Thymes Sweetleaf Baby Collection combines the delicate essence of babies with the soothing qualities of nature. A mild, organic blend of tranquil lavender and serene chamomile creates a soft scent that is fresh, clean, and completely irresistible. Composed of aloe vera and protective vitamin E, the collection contains only the finest of ingredients to care for tender, newborn skin. The Thymes Sweetleaf Baby Collection is dermatologist tested for mildness, formulated for sensitive skin and the Baby Wash & Shampoo is tear-free, pledging that baby’s eyes will be protected. The Thymes is also pleased to announce that the Sweetleaf Baby Collection is Paraben free - something that all moms should be aware of and begin using products that are made Paraben-free.

Here is a direct link (just cut and paste) to the home page for the new collection - I hope you will consider purchasing this for your newborn or someone else's precious little one.



This would be great for my neighbor. He dislikes kids so much...I think I should buy my kids some t-shirts that read : I hate my neighbor!" Just kidding. I did find some cool t-shirts at http://www.sandboxcouture.com, that have age appropriate graphics.

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