January 23, 2007

Cool/Weird Crawlie Crab Pulltoy & Stuff From Creative Playthings


There was a lull right after Christmas, but an eBay seller named imspes just posted a little collection of vintage Creative Playthings toys in really nice, boxed, apparently unplayed condition.

There's a nice townhouse/dollhouse [in chipboard, not, alas, the earlier hardwood version] that ends Jan. 26, a set of blocks, and a nice, chunky wood dumptruck.

But for me, the score is this oddball Crawlie Crab pulltoy, which has asymmetrically placed axles so that it bobbles back and forth as it goes. An interesting update on that whole Calder kinetic toy thing, and in gnawable plastic, yet. Everything else ends Jan. 29.

Creative Playthings Crawlie Crab [ebay]

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