January 14, 2007

Story Time Rocker By Hal Foster Taylor


We've seen master furniture maker and heirloom rocking chair guru Hal Taylor on DT before; a dad-to-be used Taylor's Rocking Chair University system to make his own rocker.

Well, the Story Time Rocker is Taylor's solution for reading to all three of his kids at once. It reminds me of--don't laugh--that giant, green garbage bin-shaped Ikea chair with the kid's seat built into it. I mean, really, it's basically the same thing. Just completely different.

It's shown here in cherry, but check with Taylor about ordering it in other woods, too. At somewhere north of $5,000, it's the kind of thing your kid's grandkids should be sitting in, too.

Storytime Rocking Chair [haltaylor.com via make, though I followed the daisy chain across five blogs back to a Nov. 2005 Washington Post mention]
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That 'stunningly sweet' Ikea PS Trivas dad-child armchair

1 Comment

did you mean to write hal foster, as in the art historian? so we can get all the kids on the chair to read 'anti-aesthetic'? nice slip, if not.

[damn, you don't know how hard I was concentrating to NOT type "Foster," too. I'm so busted. -ed.]

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