January 13, 2007

Modern Nursery On/At Target: Slotti Crib By Cosatto


You want a slightly slick, modern-style crib but you don't want to spend a freakin' fortune? You hear that Wal-Mart's starting to offer slightly modern-style cribs and stuff, but your grandpa ended up spending his retirement as a Wal-Mart greeter because his Main Street hardware store went belly-up in 1993, and you'll be damned if you're ever gonna drop a single dime on anything touched by Sam Walton's shadow? You may be in luck.

Target.com will be stocking the Slotti Crib, from the British baby gear company Cosatto, in a couple of weeks. The Slotti's clean, cool, slot-together design is not only goodlooking, it eliminates one of the biggest pains of most flatpack cribs; the assembly process.

Though to be honest about it, building the kid's crib was a memorable, even emotional experience that made me really feel like a dad. Not that it'd be impossible to get the same impact snapping the Slotti together in five minutes, just that--AHA. I've got it.


Cosatto sells a not bad at all Winnie The Pooh version in the UK, but Target's only got Slottis in pink or blue stripes. Repainting the crib ends a much cooler solid color will not only make it, uh, much cooler, it'll take more time, giving you the chance to feel that warm, "I'm doing something special for my kid" feeling inside. All for just $249. Pretty amazing.

Cosatto Superstar [aka blue] Slotti Crib and Slotti Candy Girl Crib [aka pink], $250 [target.com, online only]
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Does anyone else see something wrong with the name sluttie ...I mean Slottie Candy Girl for a crib???

[I'm guessing it works better in the UK? -ed.]

Nice design/shape, especially for $250!

If Target was going to license a UK slot-and-tab crib, I wish they would have gone with the Lindam Solo Cot: http://www.lindam.co.uk/lindam/furniture.html

thanks for the Target follow-up...I was beginning to feel guilty that I might inadvertently have sent some business to Wal-Mart!

I wonder if this means that target will start selling the Cosatto strollers, much like their Canadian subsidiary, Zellers.

If so, they are awesome-for-the-price little umbrella strollers.

OK, I like the design (as long as the end is painted over). But why does a slot-together crib cost more than a regular flat-pack crib that (a) comes with casters, (b) has a drop-down side, and (c) has a drawer that actually works (although it is probably only good for sheets, books or very small toys)? I am thinking of our crib, of course (http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/ref=br_1_1?_encoding=UTF8&frombrowse=1&asin=B000CBULBU).

We have it in white, and while I don't find it to be a design icon, it does the job just fine. I also don't think it would take much for the folks at Sorelle to make this thing look like an Oeuf crib (to arbitrarily pick a decent-looking crib), and charge the same amount as this one (i.e., $200). Cutting the sides out of MDF and putting a decent coat of paint on would, I imagine, be cheaper than slotting all of those spindles into the cross pieces.

Also, not meaning to be a pest or nothing, but where's your crib? I waited as long as I could for you to post again on that thing (thinking that I would try the same thing), but succumbed to spousal pressure and got the Sorelle above.

I wish it didn't cost $108 to ship. Why oh why can't someone make a simple, modern looking crib for under $800?

I wish it didn't cost $108 to ship. Why oh why can't someone make a simple, modern looking crib for under $800?

Nurseryworks Loom Crib

Thank you Heather! Just what I'm looking for!

Does anyone know if the mattress height can be adjusted on this crib? Neither target.com nor the Cosatto site gives this information.

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that before this crib was posted on Target's website it was being sold by Amazon for $75.00. However, once target posted the crib on their site the price changed from $75.00 to $249.00. Secondly, the crib is too deep! I am only 5'4" and it is very diffcult to get the baby out of the crib. I think that they should sell the mattresses that are high enough for the crib as well.

[$75?? wow, that is cheap. was it called the Slotti then, too? Interesting point about the height thing, though. It's definitely one strike against a fixed-side crib. -ed.]

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