January 11, 2007

Photos d'Espion! La Nouvelle Volvo XC70

...basee sur la dernière S80... fonh fonh fonh... la possibilite du V8... fonh fonh fonh... presentation officielle... Salon de New York... fonh fonh fonh

Translation: I just deleted my daily "240 GL Wagon MINT lo miles, one owner, all records" update email from eBay Motors.


Prochaine Volvo XC70 : elle arrive ! [caradisiac via jalopnik]
Previously: 2009 XC60 Concept


Hmmm, I'll reserve my opionion until I see a live one on the street. I'd also love to see new wagon in "R" trim.

That said, the lower tail lights in the rear bumpers look like a $1,000 fix per light every six months for us city dwellers/street parkers. A very FORD design move...ugh. Bumpers are meant to get bumped, Dumb-Dumb.

I guess the bigger question is: Can I get a Maxi-Cosi seat into the thing?????

[you should check out the post about getting a seatbelt extension for your-- oh, wait. that was you. And it's a good point on the bumpers, which I prefer to call 'parallel parking sensors.' -ed.]

I agree- need to see it without all the grey plastic crap on. That nose and rear bumper are looking particularly fussy. That Yamaha V8 in the R could be pretty hot though.

I have a 2001 V70 and I love it as a SAHD. I am going to the local Volvo dealer next Thursday to test drive the new V80. They are giving away gifts an such, or I'm sure that I would never test drive one as its not in the budget. These new models look cool, but spendy. I do feel good about Volvo safety record and that is why we purchased a used one in the first place.

The "very FORD design" comment is interesting and disappointing. I've decided that it is no longer stylish to dis the domestics. Everyone please take note.

I'm pretty sure that the design chief for Volvo is still Steve Mattin, who was previously senior design director for exterior and interior on the S-Class, M-Class, R-Class, SLK, SL, SLR, and Maybach vehicles.

The Volvo design chief prior to Mattin was a guy named Horbury who went on to be... wait for it... executive director of Design, North America for Ford.

Well, whatever.

"Bud Light salutes, you, Mr. stylish, Ford 500 driver." Can you get a Maxi-Cosi in the back seat of that thing?

With all do respect to Broadley/Lunn, J Mays, and Richard Hutting, the lights inside the rear bumper on that new v70, IMHO, is a bad design, period.

Perhaps lights in that area help in fog, but not if they are cracked and broken, or covered in road muck from snowy roads. Repair cost? I'd say at least one Bugaboo, plus wasted time.

Besides, they look like knife wounds, "Ford Design" or not.

I don't like them either.

But the lack of appeal isn't related to Ford cheaping out on their design staff. You win some, you lose some. Just ask Chris Bangle at BMW.

Now back to my TIVO'd NASCAR...

The "very FORD design" comment is interesting and disappointing. I've decided that it is no longer stylish to dis the domestics. Everyone please take note.

I'll stop 'dissing' them when they stop sucking out loud.

And given Volvo's recent quality ratings, I'll stick with my Subaru.

A diesel AWD full sized wagon for under 40K would be sweet though.

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