January 10, 2007

No, Suck On The Other End

Let's look at the facts:
  • Armies of towering stewardesses
  • A bunch of hippiesploitation flicks that, one way or another, obsessed our parents' generation
  • Tiger Woods' bikini model wife
  • The beds in which 25% of Europeans were conceived

    Is it any wonder that a nasal aspirator coming out of Sweden would be "the sexiest product" in its category? No.

    Unlike traditional mucous suckers which involve awkward ball squeezing, or mechanical, vacuum-based devices devoid of the human touch, the Nosefrida allows you to vary the sucking as needed, and it includes a filter so that you don't swallow anything. Keeps everyone healthy and happy that way.

    The press release follows below, in all its tantalizing glory. [NOTE: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY]:

  • I have a Mom who's gone out of her way, all the way to Sweden, to share a new nasal aspirator that blows away the competition and is making bulb aspirators obsolete. The product is Nosefrida and the Mom is Kaisa Levine.

    The product was developed in Sweden (same country that developed the Baby Bjorn, Svan highchairs, Brio blocks, etc.), and Kaisa, mother of two, fell in love upon discovering it during a recent trip there while her child was sick.

    The innovative design of Nosefrida enables a parent to replicate the control and effectiveness that we as adults enjoy when blowing our own nose by empowering a parent to use their own suction to remove mucous from their child's nostrils (w/ no risk of contamination or transfer). Sexy? No. But when your little ones are congested, miserable, and it's affecting their ability to breathe, eat, and sleep, the sexiest product will the one that provides the best relief. That's why she was determined to acquire the rights to make Nosefrida available in the U.S. for the first time at www.Nosefrida.com. And just in time for the cold season!

    Nosefrida USA, $15 [nosefrida.com via dt reader]
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    I just started using this product this week, I got it just a couple of days after ordering it. I thought my 2 year old daughter would put up a big fight, but she actually let me use it! We were both amazed over how much "stuff" came out. She felt so relieved after and happy that she could breathe. Thanks for recommending an awesome aspirator, goodbye bulb!

    [you're welcome! thanks for sharing your entirely unsolicited praise! -ed.]

    Nosefrida rocks. Snot gone, happy kid, happy parents.

    This product is great. Order extra filters! Also the customer service is outstanding, as the company quickly resent a missint order without any hassle.

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