January 10, 2007

Daddy Types Wishes To Thank The Adver--WHOA, A SALE!

I was going to thank Vincent, the super-cool kids' shoe company from Sweden for their super cool kids' shoe ad, but then I saw they switched it. There's a sale going on, up to 50% off. Hop on over. Those kicks are great.

Meanwhile, in other advertiser thanking news, Craig Michaels is like the only dude on Oxygen, and the only guy who's speaking up about the Wedding Industrial Complex. Now boyfriend wants us to dust off the white & silver photo album, thaw yourself a piece of cake, and share at Oomph.net.

It may not get the kid to sleep, but Dr. Manny Alvarez' new book, The Checklist, can help you and your family live a long and healthy life.

No, for sleeping, you need a rocker. To sleep without design nightmares, you need a sweet modern-style one. From Canada. Like the new designs of Monte Design Group. And in case you need more testimonials, there's a baby sleeping right on their splash page.

If you care about new dads' and dads'-to-be's [sp] health, sleeping, marital bliss--or if you just want to get them or their kids into an awesome pair of shoes or whatever, you should advertise on daddytypes.com. And for even more daddage, there's Dad Ads, the dadblog network. Skol!

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I can attest to the power of the Vincent shoes! I just bought a pair for my daughter (the red stripe ones) and she loves them. She calls them her soccer shoes and they seem to hold up well to the abuse they take from a running toddler.

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