January 9, 2007

You Bindi, The Jungle Girl. Me Totally Not Surprised

Anyone besides me have an idea what the lead time is for a 26-episode television show?

Four months after the death of her "Crocodile Hunter" father, eight-year-old Bindi Irwin is poised to step into his shoes, embarking on a high-profile tour of the US designed to launch her showbusiness career.

Despite her tender age, Bindi appears to have coped remarkably well with the loss of her father, Steve, who died minutes after his heart was pierced by a stingray's barb while he was filming on the Great Barrier Reef in September last year.

Irwin was famous for his daring, up-close antics with dangerous wildlife, particularly crocodiles, and his daughter is already carving the same reputation.

Later this year the Discovery Kids network will screen a 26-part series that she has made called Bindi, the Jungle Girl.

There will be also be concert appearances in NY and LA with her band, Bindi and The Crocmen.

Crocodile Hunter's daughter seeks fame in US as Bindi, the Jungle Girl [independent.co.uk]

1 Comment

Actually, my understanding is that this show was in the works several months before his death.

[that's what I meant, actually. -ed.]

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