January 8, 2007

They're Baaack: Amazon Offers $30 Back For $99 Huggies Order


Seeing as how it's about to be filled with several months' worth of Huggies, I have a feeling you won't be parking in the garage for a while.

I'd all but given up on Amazon ever trying to bribe their way into our diaper-buying hearts again, but then DT reader Chris gave the heads up on this, the sweetest deal of the, uh, year:

$30 instant savings on a $99 order of qualifying Huggies products. The offer's good through Jan. 31, 2007, and requires a checkout code (HUGGIE30), but you can get all those details from Amazon.

Good think you tipped the UPS guy so well at Christmas.

$30 Instant Savings on Huggies Products, thru 1/31/07 [amazon, thanks dt reader chris]

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except they're terrible chemical filled diapers, not to be a downer or express my 'hippy' tendencies, but I ain't down with nasty chemicals being pressed against my kids' genitals, ya know? not so much.

[yes, it's true, you are a hippy. sorry, couldn't resist; you set me up so nicely... -ed.]

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