January 8, 2007

My Little Cthulhu Vinyl Doll


Every once in a while, I worry about getting totally busted by nerds, who'll realize I'm actually cool, and all along, I've just been pretending, walking around with a fake nerd ID in my wallet. This usually happens when anyone talks about H.P. Lovecraft or Cthulhu or the Necronomicon. No freakin' idea. Via Wikipedia:

According to correspondence between Lovecraft and fellow author Clark Ashton Smith, Cthulhu's parent is the androgynous deity Nagoob. Nagoob mated with the Outer God Yog-Sothoth to bear Cthulhu on the planet Vhoorl.
Sounds adorable. And looks adorable, judging by John Kovalic's prototype of My Little Cthulhu, his 8" vinyl doll. I don't see what all this "ultimate evil" claptrap is all about. Set to arrive in early 2007, MLC will sell for about $30 [Little Victims & Little Minions sold separately].

My Little Cthulhu is set to arrive in early 2007, and will retail for about $30.[dreamlandtoyworks.com via wonderland]

update: never mind that Cthulhu plushtoys are multiplying like Beanie Babies... [thanks, throkky]

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Awww, that's almost as good as googling "cthulu plush"
To really get up to speed on your mythos, read this http://www.logicalcreativity.com/jon/plush/01.html

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