January 8, 2007

Laurie Berkner To Large Pile Of Money: Clean It Up. Clean It Up.

If the phrase "guitar-strumming earth mother" doesn't make you fling your remote, full-on Wii-style, at your TV screen, then you may read this NYT article about Laurie Berkner and the debut of the second season of Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin. In case you hadn't noticed, the first season consisted of like three episodes, which have been rotating for the last two years straight.

Laurie’s Big Music Gig for the Littlest Rock ’n’ Rollers


Oh, there were 13. Sadly, the show just takes too long to make!!

[i kid because the kid loves. I'm just saying, I wish there were more. frankly/obviously, she doesn't mind one bit if the king of swing comes to visit every day. -ed.]

Have you seen the JBMS teaser music video ("ground"- I checked YouTube but no one has posted it yet) with Steve from Blue's Clues and Steven from the Flaming Lips (who I knew waaaay back when I was in college in Austin and he was dating a friend from the student radio station)? It totally blows Laurie away, dude. I always knew Steve was cooler than Joe.

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