January 8, 2007

Dinkins-Era Throwback NYC Baby Gear


In the pursuit of pre-Seinfeld, pre-Friends "authenticity," the designs of official NYC logo merchandise have switched from trade show-impressive to retro-bureaucrato-geeky. I generally approve.

Except the only baby gear at the moment is from the FDNY and NYPD. Not that one of these infant tanksuits with contrasting piping wouldn't make your kid look like he just crawled off the BMT.

Just that I'd be less likely to hate on their prized garbage trucker hat-for-hipsters if they would've thrown parents a bone, too: a one-piece with a Sanitation logo on it, or maybe a chocolate-colored "Brownie" one-piece from the traffic cops?

Infant Tanktop with the FDNY Logo or NYPD Logo, $16 [officialnycshop.com]
NYC Sanitation Caps A New Fashion Item [ap/yahoo via tmn]

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