January 7, 2007

Shocker: Free Audi Q7 Gets Approval Of Seal

seal_audi_q7.jpgI think it's clear now that Seal is a total car freak.

But before you criticize, answer me this: if someone offered you a free Audi Q7, would you schlep to Detroit for a day and sing your 16-yo hit in front of a covey of refugees from a Robert Plant video? Yeah, me either. They must've promised him a spot at the front of the line for a 500-hp V12 TDI version, too.

That, or with three kids, the guy's just desperate for any third row he can get.

ALUMINUM UND SEAL! Audi Q7 Bluetec Reveal in Detroit [jalopnik and nyt]
Previous Approvals of Seal: MB E55 AMG Wagon [!!]; MB R500 [??]

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