January 7, 2007

Awesome Lo-Res Doll House By Kidsonroof


Critics of the extravagant toys always say a kid can have as much fun with a cardboard box. Now you can split the difference with this, the MobileHome, by the new Danish Dutch [1] firm Kidsonroof.

This incredible-looking toy house is made from corrugated cardboard, and has a simple-yet-ingenious combination of drop-in floor/wall/stairs and exterior doors and portholes. It stands less than 50cm tall, and either folds flat or stores all the accompanying toys like, well, like a box. 20 Euros, plus shipping. Amazing.

MobileHome by Kidsonroof, EUR20 [kidsonroof.com via inhabitat's holiday gift guide]

[1] All their news is about the Danish Design Awards, so I figured...


Canadian based Modernkid is selling the Kidsonroof Mobile home for $40. We will be getting their full product range within the next few weeks.


If you guys get that cool Momoll kitchen that Greg posted a couple posts back I may just have to zip down to Gastown to see you... :)

You can get the Kidsonroof products in the States now through HipFromHolland 's website.

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