December 30, 2006

VV Cute Thumbprint ABC Poster [sic]


Sarah Neuburger sells her art and designs on her site, The Small Object. Which I guess is a plausible explanation for why this achingly cute thumbprint ABC "poster" is only 8.5 x 11 inches.

There are also a bunch of cute drawings of maps--maps of pretend places, maps from here to there--that are all small, too. Still, they'd all look great in a nursery. I think they'd look even better as murals or decals in a nursery, but until someone can convince Sarah to open an annex called The Larger Object, we're all SOL.

Thumbprint Chart of ABC's, ed. 100, $18 [thesmallobject via dt reader naomi]
Maps and other artwork, unique and editions, $34-100 [thesmallobject]

1 Comment

It is simple and good art for kids

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