December 30, 2006

Papa Bricoleur's DIY Baby Rocker

I've felt bad for not responding to the several emails I've gotten recently asking for advice on cool rockers or baby swings.

For a long time, I thought that the reason I couldn't bear to post about them is because there just was no good news to be had; every baby swing I've ever seen looks like a piece of total crap, and having one of those monstrosities in your house was just the price you had to pay if peace and quiet by other means evaded you. Also, I figured using one of my favorite dad coinages--the Neglect-o-matic--without offering any constructive, affirmative advice, while funny, would be less than helpful.

Well, I was wrong. It turns out the real reason I haven't posted about cool baby rockers is because I'd never seen one made from a wooden wheel, a venetian blind, and a microwave oven motor. I think I've made some real progress here today.

Papa Bricoleur's Machine a Dodo [youtube via wally and makezine]

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video's not available on youtube anymore, anyone got another link?

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