December 27, 2006

Robert Smith Drives A Bugaboo!! Uh, Wait...


Sorry, false alarm; It's just an illustration by Paul Corio in the Village Voice for a story about hipster music for babies.

The article, by new dad Paul Ott is pretty level-headed. Ott's rigged up "a pink iPod Mini docked to a Tivoli iSongBook above her crib...filled to its 4GB brim with amorphous, meditative ambient music from Brian Eno, Gavin Bryars, Aphex Twin, Andrew Chalk, Stars of the Lid, Ekkehard Ehlers, and others..." to program his kid.

But I spot two major red flags:

  • unironic praise for those Rock Baby lullaby/glockenspiel cover versions of rock classics, and worst of all,
  • unironic use of the term "grups."

    If you know the Otts, reach out to them immediately. This article is a cry for help.

    Beat on the Brat [village voice]
    the 4Gb Pink 2nd Gen iPod Nano's cheaper now, and it still fits the iSongbook.

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    I unironically enjoy the way that the Rock-A-Baby CDs put my daughter to sleep without annoying me. The main key is what you want to listen to through a baby monitor. The low key bells seem to not carry through the monitors very well.
    Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to come up with hip original mix tapes for my daughter to fall to sleep to. I guess that's part of the hipster I've lost.

    [an unironically good point, if you can stand to listen to them -ed.]

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