December 27, 2006

q right column missing?

i got an email that the right column is showing up down below the entries. Any webheads have an idea why, please let me know; I can't get to a net cafe for another 4hrs... thnx

[update: I should've known. the one time I post about Tori freakin Spelling, there's a screwed up div tag embedded in there. This site will henceforth be 100% Tori-free. Qt least until I need to flog my book...]


It seems fine in Firefox (I'm on but when you look at it in IE (6.0 at least) the sidebar drops down to below but only when you make the window to small. When it is wide, it is fine.

That doesn't help fix the problem, but maybe it will point somebody in the right direction.

I don't have time to figure out what went wrong where, but you can do a quick fix by adding to more closing div tags () right before your .

Ok, I dorked that up and used the wrong form of "to" to boot. Add two closing div tags right before the div tag with the id "links".

[thanks, that's the first place I'll look, though I can't imagine how it got extra div tags for xmas without anyone posting or commenting. and the main column shouldn't be absolutely wide enough to force it over, i'd think... thnx again, tho -ed.]

This is a long standing bug in Internet Explorer on the PC and is the bane of anyone desinging web pages using CSS based columns.

The 'fix' is to either just leave it, and tell these people that complain to get a real browser like Firefox (my preferred method ;o)

Or, the other solution is to make sure everything in your main column has a style of 'overflow-x: scroll'

Setting that will allow the center column to shrink. If it gets narrower than the content, IE will add scroll bars to the offending content rather than pushing down the right column.

The catch is that you need to wrap images in a container (like a div) and set that to wrap, so it's not entirely a CSS solution. You will have to mess with the HTML a bit as well. Unless you wanted to tackle some javascript.

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