December 21, 2006

In Process: One Sweet, Sweet Dad-Made Heirloom Crib

Another Jason, Nakashima* Studio–woodworker Jason Banks, is hard at work on a crib for his son, due in a few months [congratulations!]. After putting in long hours at work, and making dinner for his pregnant wife, Jason has been tweaking...
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Celebrity Pregnancy Industry Has A LaToya, Too

Tori Spelling driving a freakin' dog stroller around that Old Navy-to-the-stars, Kitson. [image: flynet/popsugar, thanks trent]...
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Tis The Season To Kill Time Clicking Through Scared Of Santa Photo Galleries

Dumber than a sacka hammers? Funnier'na gallery of Scared of Santa photos. The LA Times has gotten in on the tradition started by the Chicago Tribune and added to by the folks at, by getting their readers to...
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DT Namewatch #23: "There is no such thing as a 'good' name or a 'bad' name" edition

Lichai and Ila, well-dressed brother and sister [via babble] Alastair Roderic Craigellachie Dalhousie Gowan Donnybristle MacMac, aka Wee Gillis. I think MacMac's my favorite. [via nybr] Widuran Bertram, source of the quote in the title [via bbc] Remo, Italian...
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