December 20, 2006

I like 'em fat like that, too!

Let the cats all criticize, Joke about my baby's size; She's reet with me Because you see: I like 'em fat like that.

When she bounces down the street,
She's a whole heap o' honey, and ain't she sweet?
Feels so fine
To know she's mine:
I like 'em fat like that.

You have all those lean chicks,
Tender and tall,
But when it comes to mean kicks,
My big fat mama is the best of all.

After I'm through workin',
I reach and grab my hat,
Hurry home,
Don't want her to be alone:
I like 'em fat like that!

For all the Mommy-types and soon-to-be Mommy-types. Thank you for that big, beautiful belly. And thank you for making us Daddytypes. Lyrics by Claude de Metrius, Louis Jordan and J. Mayo Williams.

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