December 19, 2006

Chinese Regulations Changes To Affect Large Segment Of The Adoption Population

The Chinese government is tightening application requirements for foreign adoptions, according to the NY Times. For applications submitted after May 1, 2007, China's Center For Adoption Affairs will not permit foreigners to adopt if they: are single, are on anti-depressants, are over age 50, have a net worth below $80,000, already have four or more kids, or have over 40% body fat.

The government-sponsored Blue Skies foundation will also seek to increase both domestic adoption and the overall supply of available babies by buying incubators and improving neo-natal care standards.

China Tightens Adoption Rules, US Agencies Say [nyt]


I don't think those rules go far enough... ask yourself if Michael Jackson meets any of the conditions on that list... :)

No chinese kids for Rosie o donnell.

[but she's not a single parent. oh, right. 4 kids. she'd better hustle. applications in before 5/1/07 are still fine. -ed.]

I thin the "have over 40% body fat." is ridiculous! Come on, most of those kids live miserably!

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