December 18, 2006

The Crocheted World Of Golfini Della Nonna


At the Bubble New York trade show last summer, the amazing crocheted creations of Golfini della Nonna filled a happy booth, but by the time we got around to that side, the kid was ready for a nap, and then the Golfini people didn't have a website or anything to look at, so I was stumped.

Then just the other day, the sweet, squeezable, Bolivian commune-made toys turned up on Cool Hunting, website and all. Those stacking rings are $56. No word on the tool belt, the solar system mobile, the alphabet blocks, the scores of cars and trucks, or anything else. But the handmade globe IS available for $110, though it bears the unfortunate "as seen in InStyle Magazine!" stigma.

A little less time with the publicists, a little more time with the web guy updating the retailer list and shopping cart technology, per favore. Then we'll be golden.

La Golfini della Nonna
[ via coolhunting]


I saw the solar system at ABC carpet and Home this week- did not check the price but they definitely stock it...

I'd say jump on the solar mobile ASAP--it's vintage already. Check it out: nine planets, baby. Those mobiles aren't going to last long . . . just like Pluto.

Oh, ho, ho, I kill myself, I do.

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