December 17, 2006

Welcome To Disney Campana: The Mickey Plush Toy Sofa

I know what you're saying. You like the Campana Brothers' awesome sofa made by lashing plush toys to a steel frame, but for $15,000 [up from $11,000 just a year ago!], you don't want some generic stuffed animals from some random store in Sao Paolo.

Well, the Campanas have heard your plea. reports from Design Week Miami that the Campanas are in talks with Disney about creating a new range of furniture using Disney characters.

Frankly, I don't see why you'd need Disney's permission. Just buy a crapload of dolls yourself at the Disney Store, then ship them to Brazil for your commissioned piece, maybe get it for $14,500?

Campanas in talks with Disney []
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Disney's been hooking up with all sorts of artists. It's the smart play to join them rather than to beat them (down with a cease & desist). They are some legit KawsxDisney figures out there that are real real nice. This guy is behind it all:

[not a legit artist, but the BAPE Pooh dropped Dec. 1st. I feel like such a tool saying "dropped", btw. -ed.]

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