December 17, 2006

Have You Seen Me? My Name Is The PlayAll


This was one of the coolest toys we had growing up, and I can't find out a single thing about it. It was called a Playall [Play All? Play-All? PlayAll?], which, in this CD and MP3 era, turns out to be a nearly Google-proof name.

Judging by the photos--that's my brother up top, my sister below--we got the PlayAll no later than 1973, and it was going strong in 1978. [It finally got left behind on a move because someone *ummm* cut the bottoms out of a few too many of those circular indentations on the side.]


It was made of super-thick, rotationally molded plastic, and its three pieces locked together in a W-shape, a question mark-shape, or a full circle. When it was a circle you could roll a kid along inside it. Set on its side, the three pieces made a great fort.

For the shipping alone, I'd hate to buy one of these things on eBay; but at least if I knew what and where to look for, I could start preparing the UPS guy for the burden. Anyone?

update: we have one lead: the Edu-Ring, by St Louis-based Learning Products, a long-time maker of plastic educational toys and furniture. Any more tips out there? {thanks, dt reader kate below]


I know we had one of these at the gymnastics school I used to go to. They probably had it there well through the 80s. Maybe gymnastics/school gym close outs/yard sales?

Looks fun. Never seen it, but maybe this will give you some more google words:

how about the Edu-Ring?

[hey! very much the same, but slightly different/updated. thanks -ed.]

The Gymboree Play and Learn Center here in Singapore has a couple of these. I'll examine it closely the next time I'm there to see if I can get a Manufacturer name.

There is one of these at my son's My Gym class here in California. I'll ask where they got it. It's newer colors and the gym isn't too old so it must be available somewhere.

They have these at Gymboree here in Houston. Someone must be making them.

I'm so happy im not the only one struggling to find this item!!! I am SOOO surprised that there isnt more info online. This was THE BEST for my sister and i growing up. We loved our playall!! Ours was in the 80's and it was red, yellow, and blue. I'd love to find one just like ours and the edu-ring looks great, but wow having those shapes on the sides was pretty gnarly. Im 6 months pregnant now so ive got a lot of time to hold out and keep digging but id really LOVE for my child to have one. Happy hunting!!

BEST TOY EVER! We had one in the 70's.

I have been looking for info on this toy forever! lol I had one growing up in the 1970's, and mine had a yellow, blue and red in it. I loved that thing!! My friends and I played on it constantly.. :)

I got this toy Christmas of '83 or '84 and LOVED it! I stumbled upon your post while trying to explain this toy to my husband. Did you ever find one?

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