December 12, 2006

Who Gets A Puppy Right After Having A Baby??

pitbull-bit-baby.jpgAlso from Yahoo News, a 6-week-old pit bull puppy gnawed four toes off a 1-month-old baby girl in Louisiana. The kid was in an infant carrier on the floor next to the mattress where the parents were sleeping. The vet said the dog was probably trying to nurse, and that it probably took at least an hour. The breeder said it was odd, because the dog wasn't the "chewy" one in the litter. The parents have told several different versions of how it happened.

[ via ap, thanks dt reader sara]


Ummm, Greg...did you really need to post this?

Tragic, sad and more than anything stupid. Doh!

Another risk associated with over use of the 'baby bucket' carseat thingy! Or an argument for extended breastfeeding of puppies (by their canine moms)??

I am reminded again how strange (sad, frustrating, wrong) it is that one needs a license to breed puppies but not to breed people.

Who the f*** makes their baby sleep cramped up in a bucket seat all night with a dog around!? Jesus. Spend the money on a crib instead of a pit.

if it took the dog an hour its hard to believe rthe baby slept thru it in which case you might wonder, what were the parwnts doing? watching?

wtf. stupid ass parents

How terrible. And where were the parents? No human, adult or child can sleep through having their toes, slowly gnawed off. It took the pitt an hour to do that damage.where the hell are the parents? You dont hear your baby crying?

In disgust

First off who in their right mind would leave an infant in a carrier where a dog could get ahold of the baby.?!! The poor puppy was trying to nurse. I mean come on who buys a puppy right after having a baby. Stupidity.!

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