December 12, 2006

UK IVF Law Changes: Fathers Less Necessary Than Sperm

A government white paper recommending changes to the UK's regulations governing sperm donors is expected to be released Friday. The Daily Mail got all worked up over a leak of the report, which is expected to do away with the requirement that fertility clinics consider a child's "need for a father" before approving treatment.

The result: single women and lesbian couples will find it easier to get IVF. Other proposed changes include letting children to access some information about their sperm donor fathers.

But even with such ethically controversial recommendations as allowing the creation of 'saviour siblings' for the treatment of genetic disorders [!] and of human-animal DNA embryos called 'chimeras,' [!?] the Daily Mail seems most worked up about the gay parent thing.

A mother without a father, they say, would be like a Gabanna without a Dolce. Oh, wait.

Lesbians and Single Mums to get IVF on the NHS
[ via tmn]
Gay designer Gabanna is against same-sex parents [dailymail]

1 Comment

I was expecting a joke about "premature release" of the report!

[d'oh. sorry, I've been out of town. -ed.]

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