December 12, 2006

Back, Back-up, Backed Up, The Shirts Off My Back

As you may have guessed, we got back from Japan and Hong Kong late last night. A couple of things from the checklist:

First, thanks and welcome to Andy, modernist design shark and daddytype, who began a guestblogging stint here last week.

Thanks as well to the advertisers who ply us with their fine wares and services:

  • American Express [believe me, ringing up the travel charges, it felt like I was working for them already.]
  • United Church of Christ [oops, should've done God, then Mammon]
  • The sweet, new, modern gliders of Monte Designs;
  • The soundtrack for Happy Feet, because the one thing that could out-cute last year's penguin movie is? That's right: dancing.
  •, where an extraordinary array of trikes and walkbikes is waiting to fill the spot under your Christmas Tree and/or Hannukah Bush, whatever.
  • Anderson Cooper, the silver fox of CNN covers the black market for fertility drugs, the grey market for organ transplants, and the red, white & green market for plastic surgery. [Those are Mexico's colors, btw. Get it?]

    Approximately 250 of you sent DT-related email in the last couple of weeks. Approximately 230 of you are probably thinking I'm a flake for not responding yet. I'm trying to bring that number down, so please hold tight. If it's urgent or involves mad money, please resend.

    If you've ordered T-shirts in the last 10 days, those orders are going out today and tomorrow. I'm ordering the shipping department [cough] to upgrade all y'all's shirts to priority mail to catch them up.

    If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, buy a shirt before next Monday for Christmas shipping. Once this batch is gone, there'll be a new t-shirt design of some kind in 2007, but probably not in time for Chinese New Year.

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    Welcome back. And good luck with jet lag, round 2.

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