December 12, 2006

Japanese TV Silliness: Pitagora Suicchi's Algorithm March. Also With Ninjas

This will be the last post about ye random Japanese kid's TV program for at least several hours. If you're fed up, I'm sorry, but it's the ninjas' fault. Pitagora Suicchi's Algorithm March, solo, then together with ninjas [youtube]...
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Back, Back-up, Backed Up, The Shirts Off My Back

As you may have guessed, we got back from Japan and Hong Kong late last night. A couple of things from the checklist: First, thanks and welcome to Andy, modernist design shark and daddytype, who began a guestblogging stint here...
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Cars You Can't Have Unless Ford NA Gets Its $*&# Together: Mondeo Wagon

Ford NA has a long, storied history of botching the introductions of awesome rides from Ford Europe to the US market. The Merkur [flop], the Contour/Mystique [who?] the redesigned Focus [no-show]... Reports have surfaced that another cycle of build-up...
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Framy The Square Dog: The Second Pitagora Book

And here I thought traveling 28 hours straight would be enough for a clean break with Japan, and yet here we are, slogging through jet lag by watching episodes of Pitagora Suitchi online all afternoon. Visiting Masahiko Sato's website,...
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10 Stick Anime & Framy: Awesome Japanese Kid's Anime

One discovery last week was a pair of really beautiful, smart, and funny animated segments on an NHK kid's TV show called Pitagora Suicchi [Pythagoras Switch]. Juppon Anime [10 Stick Anime] is a story or game told by 10 animated...
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Who Gets A Puppy Right After Having A Baby??

Also from Yahoo News, a 6-week-old pit bull puppy gnawed four toes off a 1-month-old baby girl in Louisiana. The kid was in an infant carrier on the floor next to the mattress where the parents were sleeping. The vet...
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Jim Lambie, The Olan Mills Of The 21st Century

There's almost no better backdrop for taking a photo of a kid than a floor installation by the Scottish artist Jim Lambie. I got some pics of the kid on the Lambie installation this summer at the Hirshhorn in...
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Donald Judd Twin Daybed

If only I'd done a little more research, I might have known that Donald Judd did, in fact, make a smaller version of his daybed. This almost-twin-sized version [111x116x204cm] dated from 1993, while the artist was still alive, was...
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UK IVF Law Changes: Fathers Less Necessary Than Sperm

A government white paper recommending changes to the UK's regulations governing sperm donors is expected to be released Friday. The Daily Mail got all worked up over a leak of the report, which is expected to do away with the...
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