December 8, 2006

Cars You Can't Have, Vol &c &c: Honda HR-V


The Honda HR-V was the first car I couldn't have I saw when we went out of the hotel in Kyoto. It's 2WD or AWD, and frankly, it sounds pretty straightforward and Civic-based, mechanically. But it looks a lot sharper and boxier than the rest of the Honda family, sort of like a Saturn Ion [and about the same size, but a little shorter.] It's called a mini-SUV, but it looks like one of the hybrid wagons.

Here is a picture of the HR-V taunting us as it drives along Grand Street in SoHo,

Honda HR-V [Honda Japan]
Meet the Honda HR-V []


Pretty undistiguished styling- looks like the 06 Mitsubishi Outlander, with some Volvo Wagon DNA. The front end has a Chevy vibe, which is not a good thing.
Looks like the Japanese market has a lot of mini-wagon/MPV crossbreeds, which seem to be represented only by the Mazda5 here in US.

You'll see a lot more cars built for Japan-only that have serious design cues lifted from GM and Chrysler... even vehicles that are sold in North America, like the Toyota Highlander, often have different front and rear treatments that invoke American cars. (In the Highlander's case, its Japanese sister, the "Kluger", had a front grille that came straight from the Jeep Cherokee in its first version...)

Lol, all I can think is we need to start renaming these things "Cars I don't want"... no it's nice... umm, really.

A Volvo wagon with Honda engineering and AWD?
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