December 4, 2006

Greg Wigga Gets Mad Props From Wigga

At, King Kaufman pays tribute to The Wiggas on the occasion of Greg Wigga's retirement:

The four men, who are white, affect the personas and speech of black American hip-hop stars. Each wears a distinctive, solid-colored shirt onstage and in videos, where they're joined by their friends D'orThay the Dynaso', Waggz the Pit Bull and Capt. FeathR-hat, the "friendly pimp."
Kaufman, of course, is best known for fronting a Beastie Boys cover band while at Columbia.

Peace Out, My Wigga [salon via jj daddy-o oops, jason at daddyinatrangeland. sorry and thanks!]

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Dude, I was wondering if I got scooped or something! Heh.

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