December 4, 2006

Another Daddy types

Hello, my name is DT reader Andy and I'm going to be writing here for a few weeks while Greg is in Japan. I'm a new Dad, my daughter Elsa is 14 months old and I've been reading daddytypes for about two years. I collect vintage Creative Playthings and modern design. I'd like to have my own kids shop. Being a Dad is awesome and scary as hell. I'll try and post every day. I look forward to your comments and feedback. [Andy]


It Looks Like a Smile by Geoff McFetridge [,]
Family drawing from Saul Steinberg's 1962 The Catalogue [my own scan]


welcome andy, looking forward to your posts. i'm an avid reader and love the content. while i'm about to be a dad myself in the next few weeks of a darling daughter the articles and comments on are truly helpful.



yay! looking forward to your types daddy.

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