December 4, 2006

ABC News Discovers A Business 2X As Big As The Movies

baby_spaghetti.jpgBarely two days out of the country, and look what I miss. Somehow, the Baby Spa Industrial Complex has avoided detection by ABC News's crack team of reporters until now:

Moms and dads across the country can now take their babies to spas specializing in infant care.

These spas baby babies and pamper those who wear Pampers. There are now hundreds of baby spas across the country fueling an $11 billion a year industry.

Treatments include aligning babies' chakras with warm towels, and "sensory activities, like rolling around in warm spaghetti, dry rice or a bunch of loofahs." At $20/treatment, that means babies paid to roll in spaghetti 550 million times this year. 100 million-plus treatments/week, or 8 times/week for each of the 12 million or so kids under age 3. Our country is going to hell in a handbasketful of loofahs, people.

You just knew they couldn't resist the pamper/Pampers thing: Spas Make a Business of Pampering Those Who Wear Pampers [abcnews via jj daddy-o]

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