December 1, 2006

Mein Bauhaus, Er Hat Giant Blocken


I think we've safely dispelled the inherited notion of Bauhaus-era modernism as a purely black & white affair. The turtlenecks of the Weimar children who were allowed to play on these tables and chairs in Walter Gropius's 1923 Haus am Horn between 1330h and 1347h each day were surely not black, but brightly colored.


Here's another shot, showing the underside, the cutout handgrip, and the slide-back-in-place storage capability, which had to be completed by 1348h. Schnell, schnell!

Seriously, though, if you have the DIY Bauhaus bug, just be sure to round the edges a bit. Do it for the children. And their personal injury lawyers.

Haus am Horn 2 photo by esperantonia from the Bauhaus pool on flickr [flickr via dt reader andy]
Other image via NWU's German homework []
Previously: you mean THIS sweet Bauhaus cradle?

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