November 30, 2006

His First Word Was, "Smoke? Smoke?"

It's been known for a while that a baby's tastes for things are influenced by what the mother takes in while she's pregnant: salty, spicy, broccoli--and now cigarettes.

According to a long-term study from the University of Queensland, Australia, kids whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were 3x as likely to take up smoking by age 14 as those who came from a smoke-free placenta.

That clinking sound you hear is all the guilt-stricken smoker moms fixing themselves a stiff drink.

Future smokers may be programmed in womb [reuters via msnbc]


It seems pretty obvious that smoker moms *have* no guilt. They're not ignorant, they know the risks - they just don't care.

It would seem that mothers that smoked during pregnancy have much bigger problems than guilt, starting with stupidity.

[that, or mothers who smoked while THEY were in utero... -ed.]

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