November 30, 2006

Coochicoos' Completely Cuckoo With Giveaways In Demember

Just as soon as Sparkability's anniversary-celebrating giveaway ends [Nov. 30th is the last chance to win $100 or $1000 gift registryful of stuff!], another takes its place.

Coochicoos, the ever-stylin' baby design blog, is giving away a thing a day throughout December, their one-year anniversary, and they've got some truly amazing stuff ready to be won: gear from Boon, ducduc, Oeuf, G.I.G, Bugaboo, the list goes on and on. On Christmas day, they'll be drawing for the winner of one of those sweet, new Monte Design Gliders you see over there in the DT Advertiser Tower Of Awesome. [And since the 26th is Boxing Day in Canada, I can just imagine the Monte Design elves packing the glider up for the mod-loving winner.]

Anyway, see the Coochicoos site for complete details, but basically, you give your non-fraudulent email info, and they give you dozens of chances to win. Now that's what I call the Season of Giving.

Coochicoos December Giveaway - One Prize A Day For 25 Days
[ via coochicoo-in-chief robert]

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