November 29, 2006

Sweet Kay Bojesen & The Butterscotch Rocking Horse


Known to design-y parents as the father of that teak monkey, and to the rest of the world as a modernist master Danish silversmith, Kay Bojesen also made a gorgeous, pared down rocking horse in 1951.

Rosendahl reissued it recently in beautiful, butterscotch-colored beechwood, but only in a smaller, 32cm H size. That rig is available at places like kid-o and nova68 for, oh, $600-650.

But before you shell out, you should know there's at least one finer thoroughbred in the stable: vintage rocking horses exist, too, in a larger size, 54 cm, and, if you're lucky, with a golden patina. There's one--and only one--for sale for $750 on eBay. It's in the eBay store called My Modern Life, which is run by the same seller who dazzled the world with that Creative Playthings townhouse a couple of weeks ago.

VINTAGE Kay BOJESEN Wood Rocking HORSE, $750+s/h at My Modern Life [ebaystores]


$600, $750...?

Hmm, perfect for spilled milk and smushed crackers.

[the great/worst thing, of course, would be to drop the $600 and think you had just bought the ultimate rocking horse, only to find out about the bigger, vintage one. Better to know in advance and decide that way. -ed.]

Oh my gosh! That rocking horse, once my older sister's and then mine, is now sitting in my living room waiting for my daughter to grow big enough for it.

That rocking horse, one belonging to my older sister and then to me, is now sitting in my living room waiting for my daughter to grow a bit bigger. At $750, however, I may have to reconsider...

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