November 28, 2006

Muji's "In-a-Bag" Toys Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth


This Outer-Space-in-a-Bag toy set is small (i.e., palm-sized), but awesome.

As soon as I spotted these on Muji's Christmas site, I knew they were going straight into the kid's stocking. [They're made of sustainably harvested hardwoods.] And just now, DT reader Andy sent a link to the designer's site, Industrial Facility, whose sweet auto garage-turned-house/studio was featured in Dwell a few months ago. Muji may not have labels, but they often have renowned designers making their products.

Outerspace in a Bag, 1,260 yen in Japan, or 5.95 pounds in the UK [, jap
Industrial Facility []
Previously: Muji's Suburbia-in-a-bag, World Cities-in-bags, etc., etc.
Related: the title reference is to The Pilot's Creed

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We grabbed a bunch for upcoming birthday parties as well as a few for the kid; I think we're keeping "Tokyo in a Bag" for ourselves, er, our daughter. :)

The wooden xylophone is awesome as well, although if you plan on using it as a reward for not spazzing out while on vacation, I found out the hard way it only works once. :)

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