November 27, 2006

Whats-His-Name Cops A Feel On Whats-Her-Name


Yeah, I don't really have a category for this photo, but I will say I hope that kid's mom has some disinfecting wipes for his hand. No telling how many people have touched that thing. [img via dt reader trent]


Don't you love the approving look she is giving?!?

I hope someone frames this photo and gives it to him as a graduation present!

"That kid's mom" just happens to be Britney. Hate to say it, but copping a feel on Paris is probably the only way that kid gets anything close to disinfected.

[out of the frying pan... -ed.]

And you know the kid's father Fed-Ex (formerly K-Fed) is saying to himself "that's my boy!"

[a couple of weeks ago, I'd have said that's the closest k-fed'd ever get, but now Fedex give Paris a new low to sink to. I predict a hookup by new years -ed.]

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