November 27, 2006

Uh, So About That Miscarriage Taboo...

Not to be the unsupportive one pushing people back into the closet of miscarriage silence, or anything, I'm just saying... wow.

In The Grip of Nature's Own Form Of Birth Control [nyt]

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I thought the article pretty refreshing, with the usual touch of alarm for a frosty finish.

It's refreshing to read about real experiences of women that don't censor the really horrible parts. The fact that miscarriage is a filled with really awful physical pain is not something that is widely discussed or understood. Even expelling such a tiny thing can result in pain far worse than delivering a term baby. I've been there for both and I'd take unmedicated childbirth any day of the week over a miscarriage.

Of course, the edge of fear-mongering about older mothers could have been left out. Plenty of women in the twenties experience multiple miscarriages. It is a part of our normal fertility. I think that is one aspect of normal fertility that is missed since science allowed us to control our cycles and suppress our fertility so accurately: miscarrying happens often multiple times in the normal course of attempting to get pregnant, regardless of your age. The stats climb in your thirties, but they are by no means absent in your twenties.

There are no two ways about it: losing a pregnancy is difficult and can really shake you at your core.

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