November 27, 2006

And Gringo Makes Three

hot_house_flowers.jpgIs that an anti-immigrant agenda he's thrusting in that face?

Fed up with the dearth of appropriate reading material for his 4-year-old son, Brooklyn Conservative Partry judge John H. Wilson self-published a children's book about illegal immigration titled Hot House Flowers. It tells the story of how some beautiful, well-bred flowers had their greenhouse invaded by weeds and dandelions, who hog all the water and nutrients until a God-like Gardener appears, and rips the weeds up by their roots and tosses them into the eternal incinerator out back.

Or as the press release puts it, it's a book meant to shove an agenda down kids' throats teach kids an important lesson:

In the tradition of children's books that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, John H. Wilson's Hot House Flowers is an atypical tale about loyalty to and defense of one's country against illegal immigration. Wilson offers perspective on this national issue in a unique format, teaching children about patriotism in a book that is also meaningful for adults.

Using the metaphor of flowers outside a greenhouse wanting to join those inside, Hot House Flowers also possesses a religious subtext with which Christian parents will identify. With carefully chosen language and a colorful assortment of illustrations by Ukrainian-born artist Marina Tsesarskaya, Wilson emphasizes that the diversity on which America prides itself must be regulated and protected from within in order to preserve our national character.

A quick Google search of Marina Tsesarskaya certainly reveals a lot of colorful illustration, though they're not of positions with which a missionary will necessarily identify. [NSFW]

Whatever objections people raise to their message, though, one thing's for sure: the Conservative Party judge and his artist partner are not saying three's a crowd, and they're definitely not opposed to sneaking in the backdoor. [LINKS NSFW]

Children's Book about Patriotism Contains a Powerful and Timely Message
[prnewswire via gawker]
Marina Tsesarskaya []

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"My aim is to create a discourse open to multiple readings, based on the most universal human themes, presented through my own personal experience. Based on that, I let the viewer search and find his own meaning."

Yep. Works for me.

Two bucks says the good judge has one of those puppies hanging on the door to his kid's room. Ha, ha.

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