November 26, 2006

"Hipsters-In-Training?" How About "Hipsters In Training Pants"?

Hmm. It seems to me that glockenspiel lullaby covers of punk/rock/hip hop/whatever classics, and actual rockers-turned kid music rockers were two very different things. But in the New York Times' big story about baby rock, they're both just symptoms of new parents' refusal to "grow up."

Either way, They Might Be Giants get totally blackballed, Dan Zane gets credit/blame for the trend, and Raffi gets off scot-free. And still, the thing that upsets me most is the Metallica nesting dolls. That's wrong about five different ways.

Market for Hipsters-In-Training [nyt]

1 Comment

Bah -- it's not about instilling early hipster cred or somesuch. It's about finding music the kid likes without going completely batty oneself.

[you'd think. But apparently, it's actually just about living vicariously through your kids -ed.]

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